How to become a pro FIFA player

When you make a game about the most popular sport in the world, there’s a big chance that you will attract a large crowd of players. PAS has been the competition to FIFA for a long time but after the eSports industry became a part of the gambling industry, things have changed a lot. FIFA took first place and now they are organizing some of the biggest gaming tournaments in the world.


There are always a lot of new players after the finals of the major leagues like the Champions League and Europa League. Besides Champions League betting you can also bet on professional FIFA players. This is a huge plus for the game because every other industry is taking gaming seriously.



There are hundreds of games that you can play and become professional but FIFA is definitely among the top 10. It’s the only sports game that you can bet on which is a huge plus for PlayStation and the game. When you are able to be on a certain game it means that it has a large following and it’s considered a sport in this case eSport.


FIFA has been here for a long time and it built an audience of millions of people enjoying its content. You can even watch some of the most popular players in the world playing it and having fun opening packages with some of their teammates.


When you look at other games, soccer is easier to play and it’s all about the skill. Most other games will rely on the team and a bit of luck like in League of Legends, Dota 2, or CS GO. The prize pool of top tournaments is usually great so pro players can live by just playing it.

How To Become Good?

Division Rivals is the perfect start for every player because you will play against people in your rank or division. This way, you will know what your skill level is and it will help you improve to a certain extent.


You will probably notice the patterns in play in certain divisions and at one point you will need to find another way to practice. Divisions Rivals should also be the part of the game that you will experiment with. Try out different attacking methods and teams so you can see what type of play works for you the most.


One great piece of advice is to work on your penalty game because in competitive play it’s the most common way to score a goal. Besides penalties, try out different formations because many inexperienced players will stick to one from the first time they play.

Watch Pro Play


The best way to learn is to check what the best players are doing and what are their flaws. It’s very important to know what mistakes they are making so you can improve even more than them. There are many websites like Twitch or YouTube where you can watch pro gameplay.


Focus more on tournaments because that’s where they will give their maximum to beat their opponents. Most of the games will look very similar but that’s why it’s hard to notice details as an inexperienced player. But, don’t get carried away and watch them the whole day which usually happens, instead, do it for an hour or two and focus on your gameplay.

Play Tournaments As Much As You Can


When you are doing great in the Divison Rivals and there’s nothing to learn from the streamers, you should focus on playing tournaments. It would be great if you play at least one tournament per week because there are hundreds of them available.


It’s a common thing to get an adrenalin rush when playing an important game so it’s crucial to get experienced. This will help you later on when you play among the best players because you won’t feel too much pressure. It takes a couple of years to become an experienced pro player if you have the skill.

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