Ason Delivers Afrobeat Vibes With ‘Dis Love’ [Listen]

Last week, Ason released an Afrobeat inspired record called ‘Dis Love’ which is said to be about the “strength that us Africans are able to find in life”…

There is so much to cry about but we always still believe that a better day is ahead, people work extremely hard, day to day to feed themselves and their families. Many people find their strength through faith in God and this song is about that exactly.

The song is pretty good which comes as no surprise as Ason is well-known to deliver each time and this another showcase of his diversity as an artist which a dispaly that is always welcomed…

People hope and pray and keep faith that blessings will one day come into their life, and for that reason, there’s motive to fight for another day. The African diaspora is now taking shape in full effect as sounds from each country are now merging into each other as “Afrobeats” there was never a more perfect time to try and encapsulate the feeling of a true and real story of the cries and joys of our people. Ason is still finding himself through his music but this is a good idea of the direction his future music will go in, it will be for the people and inspired by the people. This song was produced by Zimbabwean budding producer GTP, who is also working with many talented artists.

Listen below:

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