Listen To ZuluMecca’s Surprise ‘FABLE’ EP

After officially joining the [STAY LOW] family last week, Mandisa Nduna reintroduced as ZuluMecca dropped a surprise EP called FABLE distributed by [STAY LOW].  FABLE features production from Shooterkhumz and Mars Baby (who lends his vocal talents in the chorus of ‘HEAD OVER HEALING’), mixing and mastering from Herc Cut The Lights and photography from Khotso Tsaagane (@khotsotsaagane) and cover artwork by Masonwabe Ntloko (@masonwabentloko).

With an appetizing tracklist of 3 songs, namely ‘DO YOU GET BITCHES’, ‘HEAD OVER HEALING’ (Feat. Mars Baby), and ‘STARVING’, Mecca implored her trust into tight-knit, creating a snapshot catharsis for her existential woes. Detouring from the norm of the mountains Mecca has to move she is faced with an inevitable cross-road: Does she keep her core blend of spiritual rap or trade her quintessential subject matter for mainstream appeal?

“A decent from the heavenly realm and existential crises”, FABLE  is further said to investigate her earthy matters unpacking the politics of consoling trauma, navigating the practicality of occupying the mainstream hip hop space, and a staunch craving for material success to supplement her spiritual wealth.

ZuluMecca takes the more human route with a microdose introduction to the fears, desires and flaws that remind the global audience at large that behind the ancestral guide of hip-hope lies a flawed human looking for answers, growing, in parables.

Listen below:


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