SiBi’s New ‘Riverside’ EP Is Entrancing [Listen]

South African rapper, singer, and rising producer, SiBi is an artist we’ve come across on previous occasions through some of her feature work but today the release of her new EP called Riverside has gotten our full attention. Said to be “reinventing South African music through her timeless fusion of Trap and RnB, soulfully tied with tones of House Music”, SiBi’s Riverside EP is a truly welcoming vibe. Made-up of 7 songs in total, this quality body of work carries features from the likes of TBO, Parlemo, Grace Isis, 3TWO1, and Benzo.

Now here’s a little background info on SiBi; “she taught herself to play her favourite songs by ear on piano and began writing in her preteens, in between discovering Tim Burton Movies and future centred literature, taking creative control by learning how to make beats after wanting to make a personal soundtrack to her first break up”. This new Riverside EP has an indescribable vulnerable sensation that can only be experienced from track one to the last and you can tell that she has versatility within her sound because of the experience she has obtained through working with multiple artists who have different genre backgrounds.

This isn’t a review, by the way, but Riverside really does convince us that she’s focused on “moving South African culture forward, through exposing all the facets that the world may not know we have, by bonding us through song and movement” just as it’s been shared with us.

Listen below:

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