Boity Drops #4436 Debut EP [Listen]

Now if you ever had any doubts about Boity’s rap career then today is the day you probably will shut those doubts down. Her debut EP, 4436, is finally out and it’s already doing some rounds mixed with good reception. Coming in with 9 tracks in total, 4436 is a body of work that really showcases Boity’s lyrical abilities from track one… She features the likes of Maglera Doe Boy, Ginger Trill, Yanga Chief, Maggz, Nasty C, and Riky Rick on this EP and it’s mostly quite a fast-paced experience because when one thinks about it, Boity has a rapid flow which fits perfectly on the beats presented throughout. In terms of narrative, we get a personal, progressive & powerful feel from it as the first track finds her giving us a background story if you listen closely and as we move on to the next tracks, we get that powerful, confident, and Queen energy which is inspiring to say the least. It also might be extra to notice that she only features males (excluding the skits) on here which further enhances that Queen vibe but maybe that’s just us reaching… A must-hear for sure!

Listen below:

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