New Kanye West ‘DONDA’ Album Expected To Drop Friday

There’s a lot of talk about Kanye West these days and most of it is quite concerning considering what he has revealed, broadcasted, rallied, said, and confessed. But we won’t talk about that over here since we would rather you check out his tweets yourselves. What did come out of the talks though is the fact that he has said that he will be dropping off his new album called DONDA or DND: WITH CHILD this Friday. From the tracklists he has shared, this new album might carry about 12, 16 to 20 tracks, an uncertain estimate since he constantly updates the numbers. It’s still unsure if this is something completely different from the God’s Country one but we guess we’ll wait and see at the end of the week. A film is also expected to drop alongside the album too according to his tweets.


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