Olwethu Freeman Mthembu, known professionally by his stage name crownedYung (pronounced “crowned young”), is a South African rapper, producer and songwriter from Newlands West, Durban. He is a member of Select Play Music. He officially started his journey as a rapper in 2009 when he began recording but had been rapping for nearly 6 years prior. In his music crownedYung sheds light on his experiences, struggling with his vices as well as a pool of other topics with a sense of nonchalance backing it all up with his stance as royalty as seen in his stage name. He has worked extensively with the likes of Lastee and Tellaman, who are also members of Select Play Music, and has gained some popularity in the process. In addition he has also worked with Shane Eagle, BEAST, Nasty C, DJ Speedsta, DJ DoubleD and Rowlene. He has released three solo projects ‘DIRTBIN’ , ‘Before 777’ & ‘Weight of the Wait’ + a collaborative project with Lastee titled Black Out. As a songwriter he’s worked on several of Tellaman’s songs including ‘Whipped’ and ‘Practice’ from his critically acclaimed album God Decides