Born in Palapye, Botswana rapper WNDRSZN, growing up only listening to hip hop as it was the only genre playing in the house because his parents weren’t much of avid music listeners, but developing a love for writing by age 13. The first quarter of 2017 started on a higher note with the release of his 5 track EP titled 26HVN. So far since its release on the 2nd of March 2017 it has gained a lot of traction with more than 5000 downloads to date and close to 14000 plays on SoundCloud. The project is being dubbed as one of the best projects the Botswana has seen in a long time. The success of 26HVN opened numerous doors for WNDRSZN as it saw him immediately rising through the ranks, and linking up with the elite artists in Botswana like Veezo for their fast paced trap banger ‘BASED’ which has since racked up close to 4000 plays on his SoundCloud. In 2019 WNDRSZN released a new single, ‘Missing,’ which features singer KLY.