Key Messages From Apple Music’s First Media Briefing

About 2 weeks ago Apple Music held its first-ever media briefing in Johannesburg and Cape Town that put a focus on the various awesome functions offered by the Apple Music streaming app among-st other Apple products such as the Apple TV & the Apple Watch. The sessions also welcomed Ebro Darden to SA for the first time which found him hosting three panel discussions with Shane Eagle, Nasty C, and YoungstaCPT. All sessions found them discussing various topics with the artists such as music, cultural identity and progressiveness. The panel discussions were experiences on their own but the highlight definitely had to be what Apple Music had to present for consumer & artists prior to the panel discussions which have been highlighted for you below in terms of key messages.

Here some key messaging around Apple Music for Artists below:

  • Apple Music for Artists is coming out of BETA and is available for every artist on Apple Music. Artists can sign up and claim their account at
  • We’ve taken our time, listened to and incorporated feedback from artists currently participating in the BETA and the result is an industry leading tool for artists and their teams that we believe is the very best available. 
  • Apple Music for Artists is also launching as a brand new standalone iOS app for iPhone.
  • Apple Music for Artists provides artists and their teams with access to invaluable streams and sales data for unparalleled visibility into their global audiences. 
  • Apple Music for Artist provides a level of detail beyond anything currently available including:
  • Access to all stream plays including algorithmic radio, as well as song and album sales from iTunes *something only Apple Music can provide
  • In-depth views of everything by song, album, playlist, location, fan demographics, and more
  • Visibility into which Apple Music or curator playlists are driving the most streams of their music, how those trends change over time, as well as the demographics of the fans they resonate the most with.
  • Insights into where their fans are growing and the ability to track streams and sales all the way down to the city level in over 100 countries. This makes it possible to easily plan tours, cater set lists for fans in each city, vary promotions by region, or uncover unknown areas of popularity around the world. 
  • We’ve also added additional features and capabilities including an integration with Shazam. Now artists can see their Shazam data, including the top shazamed cities and countries, in their Apple Music for Artists profile. Some  other additions include: 
  • Artists can now see the average number of daily listeners of their music. Average daily listeners can be viewed by country, city or song.
  • Plays from Playlists now offers more detailed information about the playlists an artists’ songs have been added to and where those songs are positioned in the playlists. They can also see across which countries your song is included in the playlist. 
  • Music video views and performance metrics  are now available in Apple Music for Artists
  • We’ve updated our weekly data to cover music industry standard release weeks to enable artists to better monitor week-to-week success. 
  • Apple Music for Artists is like having your own data scientists and analytics expert on call 24/7, translating all of your data into easy-to-understand “insights.”
  • Artists are automatically alerted when there are important and meaningful changes to their data. For example:
  • First week plays of a new release will be compared to all previous first week plays
  • New milestones like “1 Million Plays” will be highlighted so they can be celebrated with fans 
  • Sudden spikes in streams anywhere in the world will help focus efforts in the right places 
  • Seminal moments like being added to an Apple Music playlist.

Further information has revealed that Apple Music has seen listener growth year over year in South Africa and below is a snap shot for the last 365 days.

Overall Listens: +45% Y/Y

Top Genres in South Africa

  • Hip-Hop/Rap: +47% Y/Y
  • Pop: +36% Y/Y
  • R&B/Soul: +64% Y/Y
  • Dance: +43% Y/Y
  • Alternative: +43% Y/Y
  • Christian & Gospel: +51% Y/Y
  • Afrikaans: +48% Y/Y

Key Features

Lyrics View

  • Apple Music features an all-new lyrics experience that makes it easy to follow along to your favourite lyrics
  • The new lyrics experience features perfectly-timed lyrics that appear in sync with the music
  • Skip to any part of the song by tapping on a line
  • The lyrics view is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Apple TV

Your Apple Music Library

  • Download your favourite tracks to listen without using data
  • A unified library combines your existing collection with all the songs, albums, and playlists from the service

Discover Music in For You

  • For You is best place to find music based on your tastes
  • The Favourites Mix, Chill Mix, and the New Music Mix appear when Apple Music learns what you like listening to
  • For You organises music suggestions by themes around genres, artists, and moods
  • For You updates multiple times a day based on your listening so it will always feel fresh
  • To discover music with friends, create a profile and follow them. A Friends Mix

Unique Content in Apple Music

Apple Music on macOS Catalina and the web

  • Apple Music now has a dedicated app for Mac
    • With macOS Catalina, your music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks are organized in to their own dedicated apps just like iOS— the Apple Music app, Apple TV app, Apple Podcasts app, and Apple Books app.
    • You can still access the iTunes Store and all your previous purchases in these apps.
  • Apple Music is now available in a beta web app
    • The design matches the Apple Music app for Mac
    • Subscribers can login to stream the Apple Music catalog and access their library on a wide range of computers and devices
    • Try Apple Music on the web at