Keziah Zoë Meyers, better known as “lordkez”, is fast becoming one of the most prominent voices on the “come up” scene in South Africa has just dropped her debut project titled Revenge Season. The project explores a mixture of vulnerability, love, pain, anger and success, all lending themselves to the overall theme of the project being “Revenge”. Throughout the body of work, listeners are taken on a journey through the sonic versatility lordkez’s possesses as an artist and through the content she so effortlessly delivers over the soulful trap infused instrumentals. A new wave of music is upon us and lordkez is sure to be leading the pack in the next couple of years, brining a whole new sound to music lovers in South Africa and the world alike.

lordkez Listen To lordkez’s ‘Revenge Season’ Debut EP D5EnyoiWkAABLpl

Listen Below:


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