Listen To Kidi Tini’s New ‘Wedwa’ Single

The love-struck Kid Tini opens up about the torture of throwing away feelings for someone special. His new single titled ‘Wedwa’ is a break-up anthem telling a story that broken hearts do not heal easily. This song is like a love letter to a person he once loved, declaring how much he is struggling to move on from what they had. The first and opening verse tells us that the rapper finds it hard to bury what was once perfect. He details how hard it is for him to even explain to his friends about the failed relationship.

“I don’t want nobody else if I can’t have you. Andsakwazi nobaphendula xabend’buz ‘what happened to the girl you showed the gang dude?’. Now it’s nothing left to say, we went our separate ways. I still think about your face, try to numb it with the fade, it’s hard to look away,” a verse taken from Kid Tini’s Wedwa.

The rapper gives a beautiful unique sound far from spitting hardcore lyrics, we experience a sultry fusion of hip hop and RnB. Tini candidly becomes vulnerable, forthcoming and unreserved about his feelings.

The sensual and passionate song follows the successful release of visuals for his emotional and educational single, ‘Cinga’ that has been on high rotation on radio stations. This time around he deals with the matters of the heart, offering a smooth sound that does not have too much heavy content.

The Verse of The Year award winner says this is not a personal story, but he aims to strike a chord with people who have had failed relationships and are struggling to move on.

Listen Below:

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