Sprite Uncontainable Winners Mentored by Hip-Hop Greats

The much anticipated Sprite Mentorship Programme has come to an end after three days of jam packed activities. The 2015 Uncontainable victors, graffiti category winner Mdu, emcee category winner Lungelo ‘Da Zeeology’ and winner of the dance category Brandon Petersen, were all left refreshed and ready to take on their respective industries.

The mentorship kicked off with a bang as the three winners were taken through media training. There, they were extensively educated on how to conduct themselves during interviews as well as how to speak on media platforms. “The training was an eye opener and it really gave me the confidence to be able to do interviews, whether it be radio or television,” said Da Zeeology, winner of the emcee category.

Day two proved to be even more epic as it opened with graffiti mentor Mars, taking Mdu under his wing, teaching him the full process of turning his skill into a fully functioning business.

Dance guru, Simba showed winner Brandon Petersen the ropes as he put him through an exhaustive work out where he learned the best exercise techniques related to dance. Rhyme-spitting star Reason validated that he wasn’t called a Hip-Hop specialist for nothing as he, together with Da Zeeology recorded a boss track. At the recording session, Da Zeeology implemented skills taught to him earlier by Reason.

Working so hard can build up a huge appetite, which is why Sprite put together a special dinner, making sure that, while eating, the winners could still take in wisdom from industry greats such as Osmic, DJ P Kuttah and Akio. Some of the topics discussed at the table are the growth of Hip-Hop in South Africa as well as how brands could collaborate with the different Hip-Hop genres to further develop the industry.

The mentorship wrapped up with media interviews where the three winners put everything that they had been taught during the mentorship into practise. The way they conducted themselves proved that Sprite did indeed pick the best talent when naming their 2015 Uncontainable winners.

The trio will now, compliments of Sprite, go off into their respective Hip-Hop fields equipped with all the knowledge they will need to become the best of the best, adding much needed freshness into the mix.


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