Ricky Rick Drops ‘Who Am I’ Freestyle. Stream & Listen.


Ricky Rick has just dropped a new freestyle joint titled ‘Who Am I’. This heartfelt track begins with a snippet of Jay Z talking about how people start treating you different because of your success.

“People look at you strange saying you changed
Like you worked that hard to stay the same
Like you doing all this for a reason
And what happens most of the time people change
People change around you because
They starting treating you different because of your success” Jay Z

With just that one intro, you already get the idea of what Ricky is laying down on this joint. Produced by him, with additional keys by @wilsonmuzic, the soft mellow bass’d beat sets the perfect stage for Ricky to lash out on issues in his life.

“Im tryna figure who am I
This rap shit aint about you and I
S/O to my niggaz taught me how to fly
S/O to my niggaz taught me how to die” Ricky Rick

Listen to ‘Who Am I’ Freestyle below:


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