TolAssMO Is Releasing A Song. Watch Video For First Single Here

It’s not the rarest thing for musicians to take a stab at some acting, whether in the form of commercials, movie cameos or actual misguided attempts at “real acting” (we see you Common). Yesterday, we caught wind of a situation where the shoe was kinda on the other foot and no, it’s not a joke: TolAssMo is making music.

Yup, the beloved comedian/TV host best known for his family style reality TV show Mo’ Love , his stand-up and other majour campaigns , has entered the booth to bring you some music to jam to. In the video below, Mo is seen in studio working on a song titled ‘Volume (So Great)’ which is set to be the first single from his upcoming catalogue. If you’re tempted to laugh, consider the following (1) He was approached by African super production group Deceptikons who crafted Da L.e.s’s second album and have worked with AKA, Burna Boy, J Starr, and have credits on a number of international albums; and (2) we here at HYPE know from personal experience that he is the realest kind of hip hop head there is.

Even so, Mo is not clowning himself by claiming to be a lyrical beast; it’s all about fun for him. “First and foremost I’m not a hip hop artist, I’m a hype man. The music I’m doing is all hype,” says the comedian. “This music is music that allows to let loose. It makes you wanna say “I don’t care who’s looking at me, I wanna turn up and have fun.””

“People don’t always wanna see a great rapper, but we always wanna see a great entertainer. I think the South African hip hop industry is moving into a much more entertaining realm. And Mo can do that,” affirms Boyznbucks rapper Stilo Mogalide.

Check out the behind the scenes video below:

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