Local streetwear retailer, Dip St., featured in the 2014 August/September edition of the issue are having a Super Sale that’ll make all you sneakerheads lose your minds.

Granted the timing is a little inconvenient seeing that most of us are suffering from the consequences of our December splurges (bet those bottles of Moet and those new clothes don’t seem so great now, huh?) and turning over our couch cushions with the hope of finding coins for that extra lunch money. But if you are one of the few that made sensible decisions or you’re just fortunate enough to be balling out of control (help us, North God!), and you’re in JHB and into phly kicks you’re gonna want to pop the store a visit.

Don’t ever say HYPE didn’t put you on! (We’re still hating though)

The store in located on 33 De Korte Str. in Braamfontein, JHB.

Dip Street

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