Weed, Mary Jane, reefer, kush, green, jets, zol’… Call it whatever you like but what’s definite is the presence that the herb has had in rap and street music from as far as anyone can remember. From Dre’s Chronic and Wiz Khalifa’s KK to our own Brown Dash’s ‘Puff & Pass’ and Da Les’s ‘Heaven’, the green dragon has certainly inspired a lot of content in popular music.

Whether the substance should be legalised or not has always been a controversial topic and continues to divide public opinion all over the world. There are many schools of thought that provide varying arguments in the fields of science, economics, governments, morality and religion.

A few include, on the one hand there is the age old argument that it is, by scientific definition, a drug, with possible harmful affects such as cancer,  stunting of growth in younger people, throat infections, etc. On the pro side, there are a few defenses that include the fact that it is a pure natural plant substance with scientifically proven medical benefits, and that the legalisation of the leaf will allow governments to at least manage and regulate its distribution and retailing as opposed to the dangers that a ‘black market’ present.

Yesterday Atlanta rapper went on to HLN to discuss the matter with famous talk show host and reporter Nancy Grace and things got very interesting. Of course Grace occupied the anti-legalisation position, starting off the interview by praising Chains for his above average academic record and university education. Then quickly turned to suggest that is was hypocritical of Chainz to promote the use marijuana, being such an intelligent person and also a parent of two daughters. Then of course the rap community was indirectly sullied by a video montage that included placing clips from a 2 Chains video (showing strippers and money of course) followed by clips of infants handling joints. Grace also went on to quote random lyrics about pussy-popping and dropped a few of the expected stereotypical ‘we-know-the-use-of-weed-is-a-universal-problem-but-we’re-going-to-put-this-on-the-hiphop-industry-cos-it’s-easier’ comments.

2 Chainz held is own, replying calmly and keeping his cool throughout the interview while Nancy Grace tried all that she could to get under his skin, which we think was very impressive. Anyway, whatever your views on the issue, this is an entertaining clip to witness.

Should weed be legalalised?

Check out the video and let us know what your opinion is:


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