With all the rumours going around about Weezy’s apparent squabble with record label Cash Money over their unwillingness to release his album Tha Carter V, the Young Money boss’s future is uncertain at the moment.

Wayne has been tied to Birdman since he launched as a 14 year-old and has enjoyed insane success during these years.  No-one ever thought they’d see the day his loyalty towards Birdman would run dry. Especially considering the questionable and uncomfortably intimate public displays of affection between the two we’ve had the unfortunate opportunity of witnessing. A grown man, covered in jail tattoos gang inscriptions,  whose lyrics content largely consists of quips about smashing brawds (“I’ma stick it in her maximus gluticus” for example) does not just kiss his father on the lips and then make a song emphatically confirming the lack of shame for his actions. Nope, that’s real love right there.

But late last year Weezy took to Twitter to express to desire to leave Birdman and Cash Money, alleging that the label were refusing to release his already wrapped up album, proving that maybe the kiss wasn’t that good after all.

“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.”

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy”

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again,I am truly sorry and I don’t blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thank you”

Weezy has since announced that he will be releasing a #Sorry4TheWait2 mixtape to hold the fans until the album drops. The first installment from the project comes in the form of ‘Oh Shit”, originally a Future song that tore up the clubs last year. Interesting about this is that Weezy tells a different story about his relationship with his record label as he raps:

“Did my time in Cash Money, time served and realeased/

But this agent ain’t free, word!

That’s the word on these streets but that shit is old news, it’s so yester-week/

I’m just focused. Focused, on my expertise”

We’re not sure what to make of that but whatever is going on, we’re sure fanatics are just glad that he’s finally releasing some music soon.

What do you think Weezy should do about the situation? Stay or leave Cash Money?


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