After almost two decades of public demand, it looks like an approved and official Tupac biopic is finally going to hit our screens.

Over the years, many have tried to acquire the rights to shoot and release a movie based on ‘Pac’s life but all attempts proved to be false starts, mainly due to legalities. More recently, the currently untitled film was originally set to move forward in February 2011, but was delayed by a lengthy legal battle between Morgan Creek and Afeni Shakur, who fought for creative control. Morgan Creek initially sued her for allegedly continuing to negotiate after their deal was completed, but Afeni then counter-sued, claiming there was no deal.

Now, according to a recent interview with one of the film’s producers, Randall Emmett, a filming date of June 2015 has been confirmed.

“The script is great and we’re ready to make the movie,” he recently told Collider. “We’re just prepping the logistics.”

Sound promising. Not to mention that respected the respected John Singleton, who made Boyz N the Hood and also directed Tupac in Poetic Justice and was a close friend of the West Coast king is rumoured to be directing the film. Pac’s mother will executive produce the film alongside Morgan Creek production.

We just hope that it turn out better than the Aaliyah one did because we will never forgive Lifetime Movie Network for that one.

Well, guess it’s all eyes on Singleton until then!

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