#TopTenTuesdays – Best Local Videos of 2014

To kick off #TopTenTuesday we have artist, esteemed writer, art director and occasional HYPE contributor Emmanuel ‘Stylez’ Ledikga. We kicked it with him and he gave us his top 10 best videos of 2014. Agree? Disagree? Let us know yours!


Number 10

House of Ravens – Yugen Blakrok

Nic Hester

Not a lot of people knew about this video. She was nominated for ‘Best Female’ at the SA Hip Hop Awards though so I’m glad they picked it up. Sometimes when you go for a risky, unconventional concept it comes off cheesy and tacky. And sometimes it works.


Number 9

Bump the Cheese Up (Remix) – Reason ft. AKA & OkMalumkoolkat

Studio Space Pictures

I like the fact that the video told a story. Recently it’s really easy to get away with having a strong narrative because if you have a budget and it’s good quality no-one really cares. This video did that without over complicating things.


Number 8

Tommy Ills (One L) – See You Later

Tommy Ills

Most folks know him for battling Tumi on Scrambles but he’s also a dope director and camera man. This video has that kind of Indie feel that you get from guys like Dom Kennedy and Currency. It was shot in Cape Town, which you’ll only be able to tell if you know the city well. I think anytime a director can make you see anything through different eyes than your own, it’s something special.


Number 7

Freedom – Anatii

Anatii/Yal Productions

I’m sad that people slept on this one. It’s the epitome of the phrase: “Less is more.” I feel like people didn’t really get it.


Number 6

Run Jozi – AKA ft. KO

Young Legend Films

I think it’s a consensus that ‘Congratulate’ was AKA’s best video. But I like this one better because of all the big, powerful imagery it has. From the church scene, to the taxi rank and the bridge. It also plays on that contrast between ‘Dust’ and ‘Sheen’ that AKA and K.O represent respectively. And it has to be said that if you can shut down the Mandela Bridge for your video, you’re really a Super Mega.


Number 5

Amantombazane (Remix) – Riky Rick ft. Various Artists

Riky Rick

I think Riky made one of the most creative videos to come out of the local scene with this one. The video challenged convention aesthetically and is a great example of how next-level creativity can overcome to not having ridiculously lavish budgets. It was also done in one single shot and if you know just a little about film you’ll understand how bad ass an accomplishment this is.


Number 4

NO Fear – K.O

Young Legend Films

Just one word: DUST


Number 3

In Defense of My Art – Tumi Molekane

Kyle Lewis

Very powerful video. Sometimes the images are good but it doesn’t match the energy of the song and sometimes it’s the other way round. This video captures completely the militant spirit of joint and the art direction in it is sublime.


Number 2

Holy Oxygen – OkMalumkoolkat

Wim Steytler

It’s dope that they chose to stay away from a conventional interpretation for this song. It can be a bit confusing but I urge anyone who already likes it or even doesn’t like it at all to read up on the treatment for this video. It has a lot of depth and looks like it was shot on Mars too. Definitely one of my top favourites.

Number 1

Nafukwa – Riky Rick

Adriaan Louw

Simply one of the best to come out in 2014 period. It’s very cinematic. Those aerial shots, intense close-ups, the richness in textures. Not to mention that it was initially practically banned on every station and taken off Youtube and the people fought to make it big.



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