Rapper CXNTENT Drops New #OVERDOSE Joint

‘Overdose is basically me overdosing on life, its me having enough of struggling, corny raps and just mediocre Living… I say in the 2nd verse of on the song “that I been wearing the same shoes for too long” trust me there’s nothing cool about wearing the same pair of sneakers for a whole year, it’s me trying to change my situation and being ready and able to do anything to get it,  it’s me addressing the sense of mediocrity in our music sense. I rapped in the Versace flow because I wanted to show people how easy it really is to flip that kinda way and make it sound sicker with substance. It’s me hearing enough of the rumors, so since people are looking at me like I’m sniffing coke it makes me dope because for the fact that people think I do that while I know I kill my shit sober makes me that much doper than everybody else. Over all the song is me making myself the drug that I feel people need, this music I give you, these raps I spit and I’m saying everybody else’s product is the same, it’s all the same high and I can even show you how easy it is to make their product (hence the Versace flow.) This is the “enough is enough”. I guess and I’m telling you what’s on my mind, how hungry I am, how broke I am but still proclaiming my desires.” – CXNTENT

Download #Overdose right here:




Written By: Rudzani “@Roo_AT” Netshiheni

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