Homecoming Picnic gets buck in PTA

Offical HCP FlyerMix good people, good substances, chilled vibes and what do you get? No, not Cannibal Juice. Homecoming Picnic of course! Once again another sequel of the epic Spring break event took place this past Saturday, 6 September, and my oh my did it live up to the true spirit of turning up!

Gates opened at 1 pm with crowds already flocking up in numbers at Centurion’s Zwartkop Lodge, dragging their cooler boxes and camp chairs with them. And who wouldn’t though? With acts such as Kwesta, Thebe, Dj Warras and Kid X blazing up the stage with dope performances, everyone wanted a slice of the action which explains why ticket sales shot to the roof. It also explains why one needs to be physically and emotionally fit when planning to hustle tickets at the very last hour. #JustSaying.

However, lads were looking swagiliciously fly in their stunners, snapbacks and wife-beaters while their hunnies were throwing it down with jean-shorts and crop tops.  This year’s event proved to be yet another overall success, and you know it’s real when tickets are sold out and people are trying to hustle their way through the gate with dummies.

Good music, camp chairs, chilled vibes, good people – that was the atmosphere. And how can I forget selfies, photo-bombers, the Nay-Nay and bottles on bottles on bottles! (Okay maybe not bottles, since they weren’t being allowed in, but you get the point.) I could say it was ‘crazy awesome’, but I’m afraid the term doesn’t do justice because after the show was the after party! And we like it that way. You ask “why”? Because we’re about that life!


Written by: Siyasanga Joyi

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