Uniconz Drop Their Lucid Winter Range

 tumblr_n6ri2mY32M1rtr220o1_500With their new “Lucid” collection now online at rhtconline.com, HYPE caught up with the Uniconz for an exclusive insight into their unique Lucid winter range (photography & art direction done by @72_photography),which further included discussions on their inspirations behind the collection, thoughts on current fashion winter trends, as well as their opinions on our local street fashion growth.


What was the inspiration behind the collection?

It was inspired by the psychology of dreaming, whereby the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and can consciously control the events within the dream. This phenomenon can be seen in movies like Vanilla Sky & Inception. This aspect is incorporated in the glow in the dark element of the jean jacket, the illusion of the sweatshirt and throughout the visuals in our look-book.tumblr_n6rhhmyT1W1rtr220o1_500

What’s so special about this new Winter collection?

The various pieces offer an experience for those wearing it and those around them. Each denim jacket is specially made for its owner, as none of the jackets look the same and has a glow in the dark open letter at the back, that enlightens people as to why “we don’t believe in humans”. The sweatshirts are an illusion as all the detail is in white, which makes the sweatshirt look plain white from afar but as you get closer you see the detail. The last two pieces are an offering to a more mature market and this is the first time we design ladies garments.

What would you say are the current trends for Winter ’14?

It seems like screen print is still very dominant, bomber jackets, leather jackets and denim is slowly creeping in but its going to blow up soon!

What has been your favourite part of working on the range? Your photography & art direction have really set the bar high…

We don’t have one favourite part because we enjoyed every single moment from conceptualising to seeing the outcome of each piece, to meeting our models, to working along side “SevenTwo Photography” to make the concept come to life. We still got more visuals to drop soon including “The Lucid Dark Fantasy”, a short concept movie with artist Lil Trix & a lifestyle look-book.


What’s the ‘must-have’ piece from this collection?

The acid washed denim jacket, which is now available for only R550 a piece from http://rhtconline.com. We only dropped 10 pieces for this season!

What are your thoughts on the growth of South Africa’s street culture when compared to our international neighbours, you think we on the right track?

We think South Africa is on the right track and can give our international neighbours a run for their money. Our only problem is that we lack unity, we push each other down instead of uniting and showing the world what South African street culture has to offer because lets face it, strength is in numbers.





*Browse the new Winter Collection here.




Which is your favourite piece from the new collection? Leave a comment.



Written By: Rudzani “@Roo_AT” Netshiheni


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