TeePee Goes Missing

Last night Glitz Gang rapper/producer Sean Pages alarmed everyone on his Twitter page when he put out something of a cryptic missing person’s report on Glitz Gang affiliate and close personal friend TeePee.

“Guys, [if] anyone knows where TeePee is please halla at me.”

A seemingly normal request at first glance, a few hours in, the social network was buzzing with questions about his whereabouts and rumours of kidnapping after a fan tweeted close friend and rapper, Morale, asking whether the singer had been kidnapped. Morale seemed to be as in the dark about TeePee’s whereabouts as anyone else, which didn’t help to pacify anyone’s concerns.

“Teepee’s car was found deserted in the middle of nowhere with its windows smashed and him nowhere to be found. His family concerned right now, so if u his whereabouts please gimme a shout” Pages Tweeted again a few hours later.

This morning Page sent out a very brief Tweet shedding some light on the situation and confirming TeePee’s safety.

“Thanx to everyone for their assistance, Teepee has been found. Wounded nyana but he’s cool.” No statement has been released about what exactly happened but we ‘re just glad that home boy is safe.

TeePee has lent his voice to many a smash song including HHP’s ‘Dream Girl’, Morale’s ‘Call My Number’ and Sean Pages’ ‘Get It Right, among many others.


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