Razor dakid on the rise!

Grandiose 2.0Repping the east rand, Razor dakid is fast on the come up. From the same hood as current hit makers Kwesta, Kid x and Reason, he started off his career at age 14 writing punchlines during detention, which are finally paying off. Razor is doing his fair share of getting noticed; winning the 2012 mixtape king title on Shiz Niz for his singles “I gotta go” and “So sweet”. Doors were subsequently opened for him and he’s been tearing up gigs in and around J-sec. Having recently performed with Toya Delazy at Grove Market in Braamfontein, his track “Goodluck” featuring  AB Crazy has just made the charts on Ms Cosmo’s hip hop top 5 on 5FM. We caught up with the rapper himself to tell it like it is…

MS: Describe your type of music and what it is mostly influenced by?

RDK: My music is basically more of an observation, the way I see people, how I see break ups, hardships or romance. It’s really just my point of view.

MS: Tell us more about the mixtape you’ve just released. 

RDZ: Grandiose is my first official release which has 13 tracks. It’s about my life. Grandiose has 2 meanings; I feel like my music is excessively “grand”. I haven’t been in the game that long and I’m already doing better than most people who have been here. Secondly, it’s me believing that I’m better than I actually am.

MS: Tell us more about your track with AB crazy which recently hit the airwaves?

RDZ : It’s a track 9 on my mixtape called “Goodluck” where I’m basically wishing myself good luck for the future. In my first verse I say ‘dreaming I could drive a Ferrari, visiting a safari’ – it’s all the things I’m wishing for myself.

MS: How competitive would you say the East rand is right now?

RDZ: The competition out here is so fierce, I mean we have Kid x who is the most featured artist at the moment, we have Kwesta who just won a metro award and is also a SAMA nominee and we have Reason. So I’m coming right behind them.

MS: How do you intend on staying relevant and competing with the rest?

RDZ: Relevance counts most not on the type of music but to get people to talk about you. I always do music the way I want to do it, I want to build my own fan base who appreciate my music,. If it grows, it grows and if it’s small then its small, I plan on staying relevant to my fan base.

MS: Which artists have you collaborated with?

RDZ: I have collaborated with Dj Fanatic, Kesta, YSS and AB Crazy.  I’ve also worked with Toya Delazy and Lorn who is an artist from UK .

MS: Which local artists would you say is winning at the moment?

RDZ: I would say it’s AKA, Teargas, Reason and Khuli Chana.

MS: What are your future plans?

RDZ: I would really like to be a successful businessman, not just an artist. Right now it’s just more recognition for Razor the brand and getting more airplay.

Twitter: @razor_dakid

Reverbnation : Razor Da Kid


Written by: Mbali Skosana


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