Exclusive with Malik Gita on a trip to Kullidfornia

??????????????Malik Gita recently landed back in the country after much exposure internationally; among other things he served his adopted country of the US for 6 years in the armed forces on active duty. His military service includes 3 years in Foreign Diplomatic service earning him the rank of Staff Sergeant. 

Musically he has shared his music in places such as Kingston Jamaica, Cairo Egypt, Manila Philippines, United States, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. He has been quite active and visible on the home ranks too, you might remember him from when he  became the #3 unsigned Hip Hop artist in South Africa and 3 months later Hype Magazine named him the #1 Unsigned Hip Hop Artist in South Africa, Dec ‘09. After Malik was nominated for best newcomer Hype Awards 2010, he launched the “Back in Time Mix Tape” then returned to California to complete his latest offering the “Kullidfornia Lp”.

Why did you come back to South Africa and are you back for good?

Firstly, R.I.P oom Nelson Mandela. I’ve successfully completed my tour, associates degree, necessary personal and other required international business. Years ago, the planets become my playground, but the heart never really left kasi.  I consider Mother Africa, the land of my birth. All my family occupies Southern Africa: Eersterust, Jozi and Cape Town KZN to name a few. I just recognise that the complete picture of the world as a bigger place.

 Do you think if you had stayed in the country your music career would have turned out differently?

I don’t know and frankly could care less, simply because I accept my present reality whole heartedly.  With all due respect, I appreciate my life each moment a favourably granted cosmic blessing actually. I won’t insult my creator in anyway. I experienced blessings of light protection, wisdom, guidance and peaceful self realisation on the journey, so no flirtations of “what if”. Sorry.  My work does not allow the “could have been”, only the “what it is” in efforts to manifest what eventually has to come.

You have been lots of places with your music. How has that helped your career and reach?

I find undeniable growth vibes in any soul driven exploration of multi-dimensional realties, environments, people and cultures. The power of experience in concert with practical application, to me breeds sage essence: the greatest teachers in life. The fruit feels universally relatable on a cross cultural level.

Being a seasoned traveler, what are the similarities/differences that exist in Hip Hop at places you have been to?

Each journey proves equally important and relatively unique when one removes the illusionary facades of set media driven mainstream “industry standards”. Finally, I’m in complete favour of any genuine effort to creative life expression in all forms of personal talent whether hop or other hip, do what you love.

Would you advise a young artist who has the opportunity to take the route you took to try the international ranks or would you have them start off here?

Know and never forget where you come from! If you do you will never see clearly where you are, where you’re going, or exactly where you need to be. Feel me? Pay attention to your own route; remain faithful on the path designed for your soulvalution.  You know what I’m saying? If you need help recognising it:  it’s the same path co-created by you and your maker when you were a child. Only there will you find the valuable jewels of soul discovery and artistic developmental lessons tailored to your own evolution. That’s provided it’s in your wishes to be self made of course.

You have done so much and all of that has been outside the country. How do you plan on finding a spot here in our scene?

I have successfully accomplished the initial goal by etching that spot at home in Kasi already. In other words the Eersterust Hip Hop history book is kla [already] ge-published! From the first international Mixtape to the reception of the Kullidfornia Lp, I’m pleased with the offerings written as the original door kicker inner. I am humbly independent enough to not require or seek a “spot”. In fact I’m just living one day at a time and following the GPS in the heart chakra.

 What are you struggling to grasp/ what has been some of your challenges since you been back?

 I have nothing that I’m willing to report or complain about in the media at this time. I’m here to welcome and conquer my challenges; I think my 6 years honourable service in the United States Marine Corps carved that attitude on a “permie basis” (as Motchie would say).

????? Please tell us about Kullidfornia Lp Rap-U-Mentary

There are 14 episodes currently uploaded on Youtube, watch them all for a clear picture.  Search Malik Gita and you’ll find it. Special thanks to Khuli Chana for making an unofficial special guest appearance on episode 11 when he visited our last studio sessions with Trompie recording “ Cosmic Luv”, “Telepathic Connections” and “Be Strong” with the Angelz. 

And The Angelz and the current project you are working on?

Being finally in a comfortable enough position to furnish the Gitafication of Mzanzi Album I decided to give some artist in Eersterust an opportunity to co-create and express, hence the Angelz are born. 

Last words?

Add me on FB: Malik Gita, thanks. Peace Light Wisdom, Respect and Divine Health the true wealth to all beings on Bumandahla.


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 Written by: Tania Moeng


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