Side view with Axe Ray

axeIt’s not easy to break into the music business. It takes lots of hard work, creativity, style and uniqueness and knowing your target market. We got to chat to Axe Ray, an upcoming new artist on a block.

Xolani Bhengu aka Axe Ray was raised by his single father in Protea Glen, Soweto, which matured the young Xolani from an early age. As a founding member of Danger Box Mixtape with two other Sowetan rappers (Maseven Opse & Sbuda P) who came together in 2011 to release a mixtape, Axe later signed with Delight Productions SA and been travelling nationally performing at various events. And that’s something outstanding by Axe. I means this guy performs! People go mad at his shows and he’s songs are catchy with a good sense of humour.

A humble musician, his music targets young and old and his list of inspirations come flowing out naturally. “I’ve come a long way since I developed an interest in rap at age 13. By then I was inspired by the likes of Pro, Hoodlum, Busta Rhymes & Eminem. My music is inspired by the situations and what I see around the streets of Soweto and also my own experiences on what I went through. I write about life, love, fun & hardships we go through as we live. I’m not much of a talker so the only thing I use to tell my stories is through rap.”

Having recently released his single ‘Hello’ which features F-eezy, Red Button on the beat and P Master L on production, the track will be available on iTunes soon. “It’s doing very well on radio charts. My visuals come out soon and my album, titled Reality is dropping end of July. I worked with artists & producers like K Master, Sabatha, Red Button, Siya Shezi, Something Soweto, Ntsika (The Soil) and F-eezy.” Believing it’s the best rap album of all time, you be the judge and follow him at @axerayhello. 

Written By: BhekiE M

Photos By: Zondoor

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