From politics to modeling there’s an Ennerdale dance crew causing Pandemonium!

Pandemonium dance crewBubbling under for a minute, Pandemonium Dance Crew (PDC) is slowly dancing their way to the top. Straight from Ennerdale, J sec. the crew consists of two members namely Pandemonium Jay and Pandemonium Ray.

Created in March 2013, the hip hop duo describes their style as buck krump; having danced at shows such as Masters of Rhythm, Turn it Out, Jam Alley and Planet Radio TV. Other than dancing, these guys have been hustling on the side. Jay is a part-time model for Posture Models, while Ray is part of the Ahmed Kathrada foundation, hosting seminars for non-racism and a member of the ANC youth league – a politician on the rise!

With krump being such a complex style of dance, they still manage to touch lives by telling stories through their movements. “We dance to find our identities; it is a free platform to express ourselves without words,” they said.

Aiming to build an empire as well as dancing for big artists, they plan to dominate Africa. “SA dancers are not appreciated enough, not everyone understands our dance style but that’s why we do it so people can learn from us”. These talented young dancers are surely taking over. Look out for the PDC, they coming up!

Written by: Mbali Skosana

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