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Keeping up with: Nveigh

“…the last time you dropped knowledge is when a textbook fell out your schoolbag” Who would forget those lines. That’s when he was still a young G with a packing punch line vocab. He now writes lyrics without being conscious of punch lines, similes and such. He says certain things embody you but that’s not the only arsenal he has… don’t worry, you will get all that when his debut album (7:30) drops.

Nveigh is one of dope rappers that Mzansi fail to appreciate fully, but then again it could be that “The Anvlis” nostalgia has died and the fans are waiting on him to drop his debut album. He puts in word that “the album is done. It’s one of the best albums to drop this year.” After “really” got out and caused a stir up, then Trevor Noah with the All Stars, he is ready to drop a new single titled “Motshiko”

Years been on and he is ready to give us a piece of himself in the form of his debut album, which drops in a matter of him announcing the date. Here is what he had to say to us.

How would you describe your journey so far?

The journey has been amazing, it’s had its up and downs but that’s where lessons are learned right? I’m more comfortable as an artist rather than just being a rapper. So, on this journey I’ve managed to know the difference between the two.

Being a CapCity native and one of the torch bearers of Hip Hop in PTA. What are your opinions on the scene? Is there growth, have the standards improved?

The standards? Well there are some dope mc’s and horrible one’s too. I guess in terms of the genre getting more recognition then yes, there has been an improvement. But I think more work can be done to ensure the city is well recognized for its music.

Do people still make reference to your old group?

Definitely they do. I mean I’m a product of the success THE ANVILS had. I could never take that for granted. I always get that nostalgic feeling whenever someone raps lyrics off the “Independence Day EP” to me. Shows I came a long way.

“Trevor Noah” dropped and caused a massive stir. How did the “All Stars” collaboration come about and what the concept behind the track?

Well the #TrevorNoah song shouldn’t really come as a surprise seeing that FlexBoogie, Blaklez, PdotO, Ras and I always record music together. We respect each other as brothers before the music.

Fortunately we are all talented, so making songs of that nature has become easy for us. There wasn’t much concept behind the song but just dudes rapping their lungs out. It takes one game of FIFA to get us buzzing about recording when we at Ras’s stu.  From there on, it’s magic.

Is it important to still “Rep yo hood”? What is the significance of keeping up with where you are from?

It is important to “rep your hood”. I mean one can’t tell a story without saying where they are from. People want to know why you behave in a certain manner, how come you slang like that, what’s monumental about your city etc. It is then your duty to alarm people about your home town. So your story becomes valid.


Has Hip Hop has changed for the better?


Yes it has, gone are the days where we behaved like we don’t want money out of this. We’ve realized this could be a career if handled right. So artists have pushed the envelope to ensure they can maximize on this. We’ve grown much as a culture. You can hardly watch TV without seeing an advert that doesn’t use a rap beat. We in the suits now baby.

What would it take for you to work with an upcoming, unsigned rapper?

I can work with an upcoming rapper, only if I rate him/her dope. No mediocre stunts. I take my craft seriously and so should s/he.

You are yet to drop your debut album. Is it anytime in the near future or you are taking your time putting it together?

The album is done (recording process that is) we’ve just compiled the tracklist actually. So people can expect it this year, not sure about dates but I will confirm everything soon. But trust me; it’s one of the best albums to drop this year.

What else is keeping you busy? Should we look out for a new single soon?

There are a lot of other projects I’m working on. I have a collabo album with FlexBoogie & Nontu X called “DirrtyBoogie” that we’ve completed. Some of the projects I can’t mention as yet because they need confirmation but I’m sure to let you know when the time is right.

What’s the one thing that you would like your fans to know about you?

“I’m not a punchline rapper, I’m a rapper that happens to know how to punchline” lol. More than that, I think the only way they can get to know what type of person I am is if they get the album when it drops. I mean, it’s my life in there. No holds barred.

What keeps one humble and persistent in the game?

Respect your fans, family and those that have had your back since day one. Those are the people who are not afraid to tell you when you mess up. Keep them close and you’ll enjoy the humility that comes with that.

What do you think in 2013 makes a recipe for a successful rapper?

Same recipe since whenever until 2013 which is “Hard work”. I was once told that hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. So that’s what I live by.

Advice to the young ones…..

Always remember why doing what you’re doing. Most importantly enjoy doing it. Love what you do and do what you love. Peace


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