A Hustler’s Ambition: Ace Hood

Same old ish different day… outchea trying to get it each and every way. Momma need a house, baby needs some shoes, times are getting hard. Guess what we gon do? Hustle hustle hustle hard!

When Ace Hood released that song, it was a major hit. People could relate to the lyrics and the hardships of waking up in the morning just to fulfill their dreams; Having to knock on different doors and waiting for an opportunity, to showcase your talent.

Every Hip hop artist started somewhere; others were rejected over and over again until they finally made it. Others started in bedroom studios having to hustle hard, to build up a proper studio just to keep their dream alive; To record that mixtape that would put them on the map.

Hip hop artists understand that it’s not about spitting a few verses and being famous. It is about having an influence in shaping people’s minds for the better. It’s also about inspiring the young boy who constantly writes lyrics down on his notepad; Or that young girl who believes that she can sing.

It all starts with a dream and hip hop helped all of us understand that you have a purpose in life, teaching you not to give up but to explore every artistic ability inside of you. That you have to perfect your craft and know that the music you make will uplift someone out there.

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