Michelle Obama raps her way to health

US First Lady Michelle Obama recently teamed up with hip hop artists to promote healthy eating and exercise in a series of music videos being released online. The first video titled ‘Everybody’ has been released which features performances by Jordin Sparks, Doug E Fresh, Ryan Beatty, Artie Green, television personality Dr Oz and the Hip Hop Doc.

Although she doesn’t actually rap, she clearly understands the impact hip hop has particularly over the youth whom she’s targeting.  19 tracks have been recorded with titles like ‘Veggie Luv’. Her aim is to cast attention over the health condition that is affecting people globally by promoting exercise and healthy eating habits.

Did You Know?

– According to the American Heart Association, almost 24 million children ages 2-19 are overweight or obese
– More than half of SA’s women are overweight or obese
– 60% of these women are black
– There’s a widespread perception that weight loss is directly related to HIV and Aids so some people chose not to lose weight for fear of assumption of having the disease

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