Drizzy & Breezy win nightclub lawsuit

Following the infamous nightclub fight (allegedly over Rihanna) that broke out between Drake’s camp and Chris Brown’s camp at the W.i.P club in New York in 2012, numerous lawsuits were filed against the two musicians, most notably the $16 million lawsuit filed against them by Entertainment Enterprises, the holding company of the nightclub Greenhouse which is close to W.i.P. They claimed that the fight had damaged their reputation and that they’d lost financially.

One thing Drake and Chris Brown did agree on (apart from Rihanna) is that this lawsuit had no merit and the New York judge ruled in their favour when the case was officially dropped on Monday, 22 July. He ruled that, firstly,  Drizzy and Breezy had no obligation to behave in the club, and secondly, the fight was not on Greenhouse nightclub’s premises. He said fights can and will happen.

So what does this mean for the other lawsuits pending against the pair, which include those filed by NBA star Tony Parker, Chris Brown’s bodyguard as well as two women who were injured during the fight? We’ll give you the lowdown when  a judge makes a ruling in these aforementioned cases.

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