Slikour: Should rappers learn to dance?

As a judge on this season of the popular reality dance show on etv, we caught up with ever charismatic rapper Slikour to talk about the element of hip hop dancing and what it’s like being on the show.

HYPE: When you were asked to be a part of this season’s show, what’s the first thing that came to mind and the first thing you were looking forward to?

Slik: I was called for an audition and I was looking forward to travelling and seeing the talent around the country.

How far do your dancing talents extend? What’s your signature dance floor move?

It’s called the stiff dance, you purposely let the beat play ahead  and you follow later

As a rapper, how important is dance element in the hip hop culture?

I’m for the hip hop culture in all aspects so I support the other elements even if it’s me being behind the people that excel.

If you were a dancer, what type of style would be best suited for you?

Maybe krumping, you need to see my shows – the energy is heavy!

Do you think rapper’s should learn to dance?

If they can… it’s not a priority.

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