Go Skateboarding Day

The Maboneng Precinct was filled with so much energy and movement when different skaters arrived with their skateboards on the 22 June. Free hot dogs were handed out and if you were not there you surely missed out. The atmosphere was so captivating it was impossible for someone to take their eyes of the skaters. All kinds of tricks were taking place, although it was packed with skaters having to wait their turn to go on the ramp. It was still an explosive scene.

The skaters had so much passion for what they were doing. Yes even when most of them landed on the floor, they got right back onto the board again. Everyone came with their unique style all types of races and genders came together in order to experience the Go Skateboarding Day event.

This event captivated many people because it is rare to be in a place, filled with young people who have so much drive for what they do. There is something about watching a skater perform a trick he solemnly loves, just as well as when a Hip hop artist writes a song that becomes a hit record.  Whether you’re into graffiti, dancing, beat boxing or any other form of artistic expression, everything links together in order to create diversity and unity. Go Skateboarding Day represents a day where skateboarding is not only appreciated, but it also means that when you love something you should always work hard at it.

By: Nomsa Motale

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