Towdeemac talks recording over his own beats and being a married, family man

In the latest issue of HYPE, we got an exclusive with renowned Motswako producer and member of Morafe, Towdeemac. Having recently dropped his first solo project title Lesson1. With game changing as his mission, he’s already started conceptualizing his sophomore Lesson 2 which will be put together by a new production crew comprised of himself, Trompie and J Smalls under the name ‘The Faculty’. We asked Towdee how difficult it is to record himself over his own beats. Check out what he says – and what you didn’t read in the magazine:

HYPE: Is it difficult to record yourself over your own beats – or was there an ultimate vision for Lesson 1?

Towdee: Not at all, I love recording over my own beats because I usually make the beat with a song in mind already. I also enjoy working with other producers that have the kind of sound I like. On this project I took a beat from Omar “Mr Hu” Hunter and did ‘Be a Star’ on it and I also had Thapelo “Beat Junky” Motsumi co-produce on ‘Habashwe’.

HYPE: How has getting married and having kids affected your music and outcome in life?

Towdee: Getting married helped me to stabilize and be more organized in life and having kids made me a more responsible individual. it also helped me to be more patient and goal orientated. my wife and kids are constant blessings in my life.

Check out the Apr/May issue of HYPE to read the full length interview

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