We open up the book of PROVERBS: the scoop on his ‘FOURTHWRITE’ album

FourthWrite, why this specific album title?

Forthright by definition means direct, honest and truthful; which is exactly what I do in my music, more so in my latest album. The try is brutal and the honesty is genuine. The second meaning which would also explain the spelling is the more obvious: This is the Fourth album I Write. I have tried to remain consistent with the theme of books with all my releases and FourthWrite is no different.

Describe your new album in two lines.

FourthWrite is not as much an album as it is an autobiography. Written with the primary goal to inspire myself and others through honesty and truth, using Hip-Hop as a back drop.

Kabomo is one of the talented artists featured on the album, any more you got on?

I personally love collaborations especially with artists or creatives who are of a different discipline i.e singers or instrumentalists who have a different skill set from mine (language, style, flow, tone etc). I like to keep collabs fresh and unexpected and would often engage artists from different genres who I imagine can give a new flavour to the song. On this album I have Brian Temba of Lion King fame, Lungelo, new talent Melina, Acapella group The Soil, Tebogo Moloto, Ghana’s M.anifest, Nigeria’s Naeto C, Boki of Idols fame, veteran lyricist Tumi, singer producers Ameen and Mpumi Dhlamini.

Your favourite track on the album?

Very unfair question…every track holds a special place in my heart; I love them all dearly and differently.

Proverb as a Rapper, TV Presenter, MC and everything else…how do you juggle all these titles?

I don’t juggle anything, I’m a father and a husband first, the rest comes second.

Hip Hop in 2013, what’s your take?

Hip-Hop is in an exciting space, there’s a new generation emerging but the vets are still maintaining. Corporate is recognizing our voice, that’s why you see more campaigns/ads/endorsements in the Hip -Hop space. Radio and television are showing us love and standard of Hip-Hop continues to rise rapidly. Where we fall short though is converting all the support we enjoy into numbers.

What’s your relationship with ButanWear?

I been down with Butan from the early days and my loyalty is unquestioned. I was one of the first few to rock Butan on television and it’s been a mutually beneficial relationship since then. I love head gear and fresh Tee’s and Butan service my obsession quite adequately while I give them maximum exposure through various platforms.

What we can expect from Proverb this year?

You don’t have enough space for me to respond to that, and that’s just me being “FourthWrite“.

Bridgette Makhela

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