HYPE spoke to Makhosini Sihlali, also known as ‘Mr Makhosini’, about the new movement taking over J-Sec in the form of ALL LOVE SUNDAYS: THE MOVEMENT/THE MISSION/THE PEOPLE

HYPE: Tell us about the movement.

Makhosini: ALS also known as All Love Sundays is a weekly lifestyle event that takes place at our new club home, Sway Sandton. This is our third year doing it and it has been highly successful thus far. We are currently sponsored by Heineken and things are going really well. Our aim is to instill an urban lifestyle movement on Sundays that creates memorable moments and where we can showcase the best local and international talent. Not only is ALS a perfect way to end your weekend, it is also a good networking hot spot, with new relationships to be made.

HYPE: Sway and ALS: Tell us how the two work well together.

Makhosini: We have a strong relationship with the club and it works well because we have the same vision. ALS is at Sway Sandton every Sunday; don’t be fooled by imitations and cheap talk.

HYPE: How and when did ALS begin?

Makhosini: ALS came to life in May 2011. It was founded by Tibz, DJ Capital and myself. We saw a gap in the market and felt it would be more viable if we worked together on this by fusing both our target markets. Alessio, Sway’s operator, is the glue of the team.

HYPE: Who are your major sponsors of the event?

Makhosini: ALS is currently sponsored by Heineken.

HYPE: ALS’ target market?

Makhosini: JHB’s upmarket and trendy urban clientele.

HYPE: Sway is still a new club/venue, what can people expect that’s different from other clubs/venues?

Makhosini:  It’s fresh and it’s a trendsetter.  It’s a beautiful venue with outstanding service and an atmosphere like no other. All the top JHB promoters are working with the club and it has a great team behind it. People can expect to be welcomed to a beautiful club filled with beautiful people. By the end of 2013 it will be considered not only JHB’s most successful club, but also the biggest club brand in the country.

HYPE:  Any exciting stuff to watch out for with regards to ALS?

Makhosini:  I’d tell you but our competition might just feed off of our ideas. What I can tell you is that we have big plans for y’all this year. Besides featuring some of the best acts available, we’ll strive to provide that unique & incredible vibe that ALS exudes and we’ll be setting the bar high. Experience and memories made will be a consistent element this year.

HYPE: Resident DJs that play at ALS?

Makhosini: DJs Capital, Fanatic and Chrizz Beatz form the core of our line-ups.

HYPE: Does ALS have staying power?

Makhosini: Well, this will be our third year. So yes! ALS is here to stay. It’s a movement for the people that is supported and loved by the people. We constantly look at ways to make it a better experience and we are lucky to have such a supportive clientele. If we have people flying from all over the country to witness what ALS is about, I believe it is a good concept and can only grow bigger.

Bridgette Makhela

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