Zuluboy: “Hip hop has no leadership in SA”

In the current issue of HYPE we hit you up with an exclusive from KZN native Zuluboy. Check out content you never got to see in the mag. He tells us about the idea dinner party and the divisions that exist within hip hop.

HYPE: If you were to have dinner with three artists, dead or alive. who would they be and why?

On the table on the right hand side I would have Tupac Shakur. On the other side I would have Miles Davis. Tupac because he died at the age of 25 but there was already posters of him in the Cape Flats – he changed the world. Miles because I like his voice, and journalists asked him “how would you classify your music?” to which he said “wait a minute, my music is the shit” [laughs]. He revolutionized jazz from pianos and bow ties in restaurants and he funked it out. He started wearing gadgets and changing the sound of the trumpet. The third person would be Jimmy Hendricks, I don’t know [laughs]. There is too much to choose from. I really like people like Gil Scott-Heron who had a hip hop vibe to him.

In your opinion do you think there’s great sanction/divide within hip hop?

Hip hop has no leadership in South Africa, they should just give it to Osmic and Kenzhero [laughs]. They are my people, they are on the streets, they know what’s relevant and they don’t detach themselves from the streets. And they did the SA Hip Hop Awards of which I did the opening, history. Personally everyone has their t-shirt range, their demo, their own crew and they don’t understand what hip hop is. It’s an Olympic sport, Zuluboy brings in the track and field, HHP brings in the shotput, PRO brings in the javelin you know what am saying. That’s what we do, we bring a log into a fire that keeps hip hop burning, but people see competition ‘cause I guess the media keeps asking “who is your competition?” and that’s what they’re programmed to think. It’s not a competitive field, hip hop is unity of a family that expresses whatever they reflect on society.

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