What is on Xtatic’s playlist?

Hot on the heels of her banger single  ‘Hit em up’ alongside Priddy Ugly and AKA, we spoke to Xtatic about her playlist and global strategy. Check out the rest of her interview in the latest issue of HYPE – out now!

HYPE: Which artists are you listening to at the moment?

Xtatic: Just got the Camp Mulla album Funky Town on my playlist, MOS DEF, The Weekend, and since 2011 Cole still on rotation on my playlist. Kendrick’s Section 8.0 is there as well as his new music. I’m digging AKA’s Altar Ego album and definitely waiting on Priddy Ugly’s album!

HYPE: Which market are you aiming for – Kenya first, then Africa – or do you have a global strategy – and where do you hope to see your music in the future?

Xtatic: Let’s just say I’m aiming for international success but I definitely have my roots in my hood and collaborations with local artists will also be there because above and beyond everything they influence what I do.

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