Ross Jack – the exclusive!

When he’s Ross ‘ThaProduSIR’, he’s a member of the renowned production collective Octave Couplet. But when he’s Ross Jack, his single Seven45 is on high rotation on radio frequencies, heightening anticipation for his EP release, The Waiting Room. Here’s a lil’ bit that you didn’t get to see in his HYPE interview in the Oct/Nov issue.

HYPE: What’s harder? Being a rapper or producer and why?

RJ: I’m not sure but I can definitely say that being a self-produced rapper ain’t easy. It’s why you have to give it up to people like Kanye, he’s the best at both, it’s why the music is so good…

HYPE: Do you like where SA hip hop is at the moment?

RJ: I think hip hop locally is on the up and I think it’s only a matter of time till we make our mark on the world circuit.

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