2012 is fast making an exit; so much is happening, our focus is divided but most of us are pretty much waiting for the big bang, for the world to end! Yes, if you, like myself, have your ear out on the hear and say around the globe then you already know that 2012 is the year the world is said to be coming to an end.  The New World Order is or should already be upon us, and used to carry this order is one of the alleged Illuminati’s vessels – hip hop artists, the lifestyle and the music itself. For years the HIP HOP scene has been under a lot of scrutiny, most of our well-known and respected artists are rumored to be devil worshippers and accused of using the subculture to spread evil.  I’ve had far too many debates with friends over this and round and round in circles we’ve gone. Like I concluded then, it’s really all up to what the individual believes but before you blame it all on the Hip Hop…

I’ll speak for myself and respect your opinion; listening to hip hop, immediately does for me what at times reading the bible eventually accomplishes. The message I take from the music I listen to is the message I need.  As an individual I choose to pick up on the positives from the artist, lyrics and videos. I see beyond the naked girls and hear beyond the profanity. Hip Hop does so much good to my growth as both a fan and an individual that lives in the 21st century. The reality of our world and the times we live in is that materialism and vanity are a big part of who we are and there’s nothing wrong with this. As the world evolves its people reach a higher consciousness, and that’s just how it was meant to be. The sin has already been committed so self awareness dates back from the beginning of time and naturally it develops with the world.

Hip Hop is a motivating instrument to me, it reminds me that success is attainable and encourages me to thrive through the drama and the hate till I have my well-deserved share of the good pie and to not allow anyone to define and limit me. To me Hip Hop is a self made multi-millionaire, from rags to riches it became one of the most influential music genres and as a result it celebrates its success without apologizing! A part of me is rather disappointed at these Illuminati/New World Order rumors because it makes one wonder; when will our black brothers and sisters attain success and not be suspected of any foul play?

Before you blame it all on the Hip Hop, let’s at least acknowledge the truth in the lyrics and maybe even applaud the artists who have the guts to boldly and coldly spit it. We are faced with reality daily, why shouldn’t we openly acknowledge it? And who gets to decide which is the right or wrong way? I personally blame the individual who is not media literate and lacks common sense. Art must never influence anyone for the worst and when it does, it can never be the art but one’s interpretation and beliefs.

I am still listening to Rick Ross, Kanye and Drake; I am still listening to my classics, from Pac to Notorious BIG – not forgetting The Roots, Nas and Jay Z. The lyrics open my eyes to the reality we live in, they also motivate me to step up and claim my success and when I have attained it to shamelessly bask in it whichever way pleases me. I wait for the world to end, and in the meaning time like Jay Z, ‘I’m on to the next one’.

Kamogelo Modise

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