Africa’s First Radio TV show

Ever heard of a Radio/TV show combined? Well Planet Image Productions launched the first ever radio and television service on 24 July in Randburg. This groundbreaking event is the brainchild of Chief Operations Officer Mabel Mabaso and CEO Wale Akinlabi who started the company in June 2011 and by December 2011 had 30 000 listeners .

The Head page team ventured to find out what this unusual combination of services had to offer for all the headz as well as the technical aspects involved in producing such a complex media .The first question you would ask yourself is: why radio, television  and internet? “We intend on revolutionising  the way consumers view, listen and interact with television, radio and internet”, says Mabel.

This balance is achieved by automated audio switcher software which is capable of making automatic sound and picture transitions, it simply co-ordinates audio with graphics. The software identifies the radio talent’s voice and determines which camera should be on air along with the relevant graphics.

Planet RadioTV will be giving unsigned artists, MCs ,DJs, b-boys, dancers and graf writers a platform to showcase their skillz on a global scale. A show called the Bedroom MCs will pop off  where raw MCs will be able to battle it out, drop freestyles and showcase their traits. It will basically be giving a more in-depth voice to African hip hop.

Video streaming will allow listeners and viewers to interact directly with the station through Skype whilst the channel broadcasts live in connection, this is the ultimate in audience interaction and integration interviews with musicians, artists will be covered instantly and new videos, albums from the internet will be directly broadcasted on Radio/TV. What this means is that shows like “Back to the City” will be simultaneously broadcast live on the internet, television and radio by Planet Radio/TV. Even mobile devices will be able to receive podcasts of the show, available via download from the website.

It would be exciting to see Grind time battle MCs battle it out with Grind time SA’s finest MCs on Planet Radio’s Skype. This could open a new market audience and raise the bar in SA hip Hop. Planet RadioTV will be broadcasted as a DSTV channel so viewers will need to subscribe for the channel. With this type of technology that Planet Image has brought forward the possibilities of new and exciting programming are endless, it is only a matter of time.


Twitter: @planet radio

Sibusiso Ndabandaba

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