Dotcom to drop Get Mine remix soon!

Featured in the Beat Lab with his second single “Hatin’ On D”, Dotcom seems to be in hiatus but there is reason to his apparent silence. Amongst many surprises, one which music lovers will welcome is the remix to his hit track “Get Mine” from his M.O.E.T Mixtape presented by DJ C-Live.

We caught up with him to get into his current state of mind and this is what came up:

Spokenpriestess: Firstly, take us through the origin of “Get Mine”…

Dotcom: It was the first song I wrote on my mixtape and it was basically a motivational track for anyone and everyone out there who’s scared to stand up and do something out of the ordinary, … become an extraordinary person. Hence the chorus, emphasising to anyone who’s been sitting on the sideline knowing that they can do better or instead of doing your 9 to 5 just take that chance to follow your dreams and chase what you’re really passionate about.

Spokenpriestess: How has collaborating with DJ C-Live changed your perception of the game?

Dotcom: Working with C-Live has taught me a lot in terms of stuff that’s happening in the Hip Hop industry. Pivotal lessons about the type of singles to drop, the timing of the music, when to drop different types of songs and basically the longevity of a song in the SA market. How long it would survive for before dropping another one. I’ve learnt about music in general and how things in SA work in relation. Another thing is keeping it real! Everything I say in my music is real and I feel like DJ C-Live too is a real person, what you see is what you get.

Spokenpriestess: You released two hot tracks (“Get Mine” then “Hatin’ On D”) and now seem to have taken a mild pause; what are you planning going forward?

Dotcom: Having released those tracks and then taking about was more about me growing as an artist, listening to different sounds, exploring variant genres of music that I can incorporate into what I do and hopefully come up with a new original sound. Most importantly, me taking a break was to allow people to absorb “Get Mine” primarily, and then “Hatin’ On D”. As we all know, the internet capability in SA is very slow and people probably get around to hearing music perhaps 4 months into its release. In other words, what I’ve been doing is stretching that one song and allowing people to get to know who Dotcom is through it.

To add to that, I’ve just been watching and learning more about how to perform, interacting and networking with other artists that are in the game. I felt like the break was something needed especially as a newcomer, you need to give people something and let them absorb it and then come back with something bigger and better.

Spokenpriestess: “Get Mine” Remix: tell us about the idea behind it?

Dotcom: This came up because of the success, I’d say, of the original track. I felt it would be awesome to reach out to other artists ‘cause we’re in an industry that is ego orientated and ego driven. This being said, it was personally more about reaching out to younger guys in the game who are also coming up and put them on my song to have variety and give fans something new and unexpected.

Spokenpriestess: Who’s on it? Who’s on production? And can we expect a video from it?

Dotcom: Myself and Cashtime (Smashis and Kid X) are on it and it’s produced by Ward 66. It’s quite an awesome blend of different styles and flavours when it comes to Hip Hop, but people will hear the joint. There should be a video … possibly sooner rather than later but if we do have a video it’s gonna be crazy, trustit.

From what we caught behind the scenes the remix is an apparent slower version of the original beat and a totally different take to it but with these three strong rappers on it, it’s something to anticipate! “TRUSTIT”

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