Tyler, the creator of any situation

Tyler the creator, 20, has taken a very different approach when it comes to writing lyrics for his tracks; he has chosen a rather dark, angry and sinister way of portraying his life lessons and his thoughts. At a first listen you will probably be shocked, but it’s different and does what music is supposed to, it taps into your emotions and leaves you thinking.

Hip hop at times is offensive, and this is often expected. But Tyler has pushed the boundary. He has been mentioned too often in the media for having lyrics that shouldn’t be tolerated by the public and that people need to make a stand against him. The reason being is that his lyrics are offensive and its only because he raps about what everyone thinks but adds a twist, which has you questioning his state of mind.

Rape a pregnant b**** and tell my friends I had a threesome” is an idea of what you’d be hearing.

He has also created his own alter ego, Tron Cat, who gives him therapy sessions in many of tracks, and at times leaves the cat wondering whether Tyler is indeed sane. Which makes for an interesting listen.

Tyler, like his name states, is a creator. He has produced 3 albums on his own, Goblin 2009, Bastard 2011 and Wolf 2012, recording them as well as shooting his own videos for some songs, and he is a self-proclaimed fashion designer who makes sure he wears his designs in his videos. He is also the founder and leader of the 10 man collective OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), which he produces and raps on many of the tracks.

Tyler, the creator is angry at the world and it reflects in every lyric he writes. This young man isn’t done being angry he is going to continue creating music from every situation no matter how offensive or rude.

Shannon Manning

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