Common VS Drake

Another day in the rap kitchen, another serving of spiced raw beef. And this time it’s between two rappers that are more similar than they are different, or at least we think so. In case you didn’t know, Drake and Common share more than just a similar skin complection. Common’s ex girlfriend, tennis player Serena Williams, has been rumoured to have romantic links with Drake as of late, the issue which many claim is the cause of the most peculiar rap beef ever. One wouldn’t be blamed for eluding to this claim seeing as Common’s aggression seemed to just appear out of nowhere in the form of the third single from his new album.  In the song, titled ‘Sweet’, Common speaks “Some ho ass n*ggas singing all around me, la la la. You aint m*therf*ckin’ Frank Sinatra” He goes on in a rant at the end of the song to say:

“You know man, you should know where I come from
You should know who I am nigga
You should never wanna go against me
You know man, you too soft for that man
I be seeing you man, I see it in your eyes man
You ain’t the type of nigga that could go against me


The more than subtle references to “soft” rappers and singing rappers in the song immediately led everyone to believe that the shots were directed at Drake, who was in the process of releasing his sophomore album at the time. In an interview with radio station Hot 97, Drake addressed the song claiming that he didn’t know if the song was addressed to him or not because no names are mentioned. Clearly, he later changed his mind for reason because he’s come back with a verse on Rick Ross’ mixtape single ‘Still Schemin”, which also features French Montana, in which Drake opens his verse rapping “It bothers me when gods get to acting like broads, guess every team doesn’t come complete with niggas like ours” The verse throws other subliminals at Common making refernces to Serena. This must pissed off Common coz he responded to it within days of its release using the same instrumental sounding angry as hell and even mentioning Drake’s name in the track.

The way we see it is, this beef is completely messed up. Common is going off at Drake for being soft? He is a legend in the this game but he’s no Scarface himself. And even if he was, his extreme occupation with what a much much younger rapper is doing in the game (and doing well, by the way) just seems random and makes him come off as a sour grape. And if this is really about Serena, both of them are above going to war over a woman, they should just hug and make up. I mean where do we really see beef this going? Both of them are somewhat consious guys, both have never been to prison (as far as we know) and neither look hard enough to win an arm wresting match against Willow Smith. Fellas please, let’s get over it!

Spaceboy P

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