Ashma Lepara is a South African recording artist, performer, and record
producer. He recorded his first professional track in 2011, which he co-
produced ‘The Journey’, a Motswako hip hop, a popular genre in South Africa. After the critically acclaimed popularity he gained from the song, he kept giving out more.

Ashma Lepara is a new kid on the block, known to his peers as “Motswakolista”, is an all-rounder musician whose music is inspired by
the likes of HHP, JR, Khuli Chana, Brenda Fassie, and all Kwaito Legends.
“Motswakolista” is a Pretoria born musician and is set out to release a
new single on the 1st September 2021 on all digital platforms.

My inspiration has always been life experiences; says Ashma. He was
born in a post-apartheid South Africa, west side of Pretoria in a township called Phelidanda. Like any other townships, you find men with failed purposes, many who had dreams of ruling the world, but instead now
drink their lives away and many have committed themselves to drugs and prostitution. In all of these situations, people like Ashma Lepara
chose a different path which is music.

“I was introduced to music at an early age, my mother used to make me
and my sibling sing in front of her friends whenever they have come to
visit or there was a party at our house. We used to have karaoke days
where my mother would make us compete and the winner would get a

When he lost his father in 2008, he pursued music which blocked out
the negativity and became his therapy. He started writing down his
feelings and sung them out to an instrumental as a way of coping with
the hurt, it wasn’t until late 2010 when he took music-making seriously.
Ashma has always put his life experiences on a track in which a lot of
people relate to his stories, gaining him a small group of supporters.
Ashma Lepara is the New kid on the to us but has been familiar to his
supporters for over 10 years.
The new release from Ashma, which is set out to be on all digital
platforms on 1st September 2021 was inspired by the knowledge that
Ashma has gained throughout the years of searching for himself, he says.
The single is Titled “God Conscious”, which he explains that once one has
found himself he reaches a level of awareness that is somewhat close to

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To be released on 1 September 21