Extreme Captures the Moves and Positivity of Mzansi

Mzansi moves like no other nation on Earth, and wherever there’s dance in the country,

there’s sure to be an Extreme nearby. Now Extreme has collaborated with Travys Owen, a South African-born photographer making waves internationally, to create a series of bold,

vibrant images that show off the diversity and inventiveness of dance in Mzansi.


Extreme, the invigorating alcoholic drink with a distinctive apple taste, has built a strong connection with South African dance, and the new images in this creative series are sure to help spread the drink’s Move Mzansi message – a call to action for South Africans to move, but also a statement about what the brand believes: that dance has the power to spread positivity.


“We wanted to capture what everyone loves about dance – the joy of it, the connection with others, the beauty and expression of movement in all its forms,” said Extreme Brand Manager Chante Neumann. “And we knew that pairing Travys up with the incredible talent in Mzansi would result in something special.”

The campaign concept was developed by Extreme’s partner agency, LePub, who oversaw the creative process from start to finish. Travys was given the brief to bring to life a series of statements: move to change, move to express, move to be heard, move to unite, and move to transform. In planning for the shoot, the job called for the team to consider every aspect, from the cast to the wardrobe, the locations to the lighting, and crucially, the movements. “We cast people who are either performers or actual dancers,” said Travys. “We didn’t want to take any shortcuts so we went out to find the best people, who move in a way that makes others stop and notice.”


So many talented local dancers answered the casting call that it was a difficult process to narrow down the choices to nine. Those who made the cut were dancers, performers and choreographers who have mastered a range of dance disciplines, from contemporary South African to hip hop to ballet.


When asked what he thinks is special about dance in South Africa, Travys replied, “What is not special about South Africa? I think South Africa has some incredible talent, and I am constantly trying to show the world more of it.”


The results of the shoot speak for themselves: they are images that make you want to move. “Travys’s shots let you feel a little of what the dancer is feeling, and we hope it’ll inspire others,” said Chante, “but you don’t have to be a pro dancer to get the feeling. All you need to do is move!”

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