South African Icons Nando’s and Castle Lite Unite for the Ultimate Flavor Experience

The exchange stemmed from the launch of two products by the brands earlier in 2024.

In March, Castle Lite launched its 10-can Extra CCCCold Cooler Box, featuring an instant cooler box that kept your beers extra cold and at arm’s length for up to 12 hours.

Nando’s recently introduced the Vusa Sauce, that tops the PERi-ometer above Xtra Hot making this its hottest sauce yet, bringing both Nando’s famous flavour along with heat, creating a perfect storm of hot and cold products.

Initially, the competition seemed fierce, but the brands soon found common ground for the good of the nation’s palates. They recognised the importance of providing an experience for South African consumers, who appreciate both the intense heat of Nando’s and the refreshing chill of Castle Lite.

“The timing of these two products was simply fortuitous and we couldn’t not act on getting in touch with each other. Two brands who exist to bring joy and innovation to South Africans; we all ultimately want the same thing for South Africa,” says Castle Lite brand director, Colleen Duvenage.

This sentiment paved the way for a harmonious partnership, showcasing that Nando’s and Castle Lite could work together to enhance the experiences of both of their innovations.

The light-hearted billboard battle quickly evolved into a message of brand synergy. Castle Lite welcomed Nando’s offer to “spice things up” while Castle Lite returned the favour by inviting to “chill out” when needed.

On various platforms, including social media and radio, the brands emphasised their complementary relationship.

When the Vusa Sauce’s “TJO TJO TJO!” heat becomes too much, a Castle Lite from the Extra CCCCold Cooler Box offers the ideal cool-down. This synergy was further demonstrated through billboards that merged elements from both brands, with Nando’s flame grilled energy imagery cooled down and Castle Lite’s chilly visuals warmed up, symbolising their united front.

“We’ve shown that these staples of the South African table are a perfect fit for each other. Vusa is all about intense flavour and heat—the spirit of Africa. It’s for those who love to take things up a notch,” says Vanessa Nunes, GM of Groceries for Nando’s.

“Vusa delivers an exquisite sensation that begins on your tongue and radiates to the very core of your PERi-loving soul. And when the heat gets too much, Castle Lite is there to refresh and cool you down. Together, we’re creating a dining experience that’s truly South African,” Nunes concluded.

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