Exclusive: Blxckie talks new Kwasomnyama app

We were invited to the launch of the new Kwasomnyama app which took place at Drama in Braamfontein. Naturally, the night had great festivities and entertainment for attendees to enjoy. We had the opportunity to catch up with Blxckie to give us more insight into the app and his future plans. 

We are outchea at the launch of the Kwasomnyama app. For those that we are previewing this for, how would you describe the Kwasomnayama app?

The Kwasomnyama app is an exclusive in depth look into my personal life as well as everything that goes into my professional life too. That includes bts, the people around me and the stuff I get up to on a day to day basis.

What would you say is the importance of the relationship between the fan and the artist?

I have spoken about this a few times before and it’s super important. Knowing your fans is of vital importance. As artists, we spend a lot of time in our heads because we are always in studio. As a result, we need feedback on our music and a lot of the time we get feedback from people around us. I can trust their opinions but I cannot trust it 100%. The fans will give you genuine feedback and if you move like that then you know you are doing it for them and you will make them happy.  

You have always been looked at as a tech forward artist in terms of how you interact with you fans. How would you describe the merge of new media, streaming, apps and music

We are growing as a country and the youth is tapped into different things happening all over the world with the likes of Kai Cenat and Duke. We are also tapped in with what is happening with Japan and China. The only way for us to move forward is for us to be tapped into those things even if they aren’t local. Someone could stream from the other side of the world and that is a benefit to us. 

Speaking about being global, today you previewed some new music. How would you describe the new sound that you are exploring right now and how did that exploration take place?

It took place through the signing with Def Jam. When I started this music journey, I didnt think it would end up going this far and for the music to go this far is truly a blessing. On another note, it keeps me on my toes.

With the regards to the new music, it is very calculated because we are trying to be part of the global community. What is most important for me in the music is to share the story of my come up which I feel like is a dope story.  

In closing what can you say to your fans about the Kwasomnyama app and what can we expect from brand Blxckie going forward? 

The Kwasomnyama app is a mirror of the Kwasomnyama broadcast channel on IG. The app is better because there aren’t any visuals on the broadcast channel and it’s mostly me talking to myself. The app will allow them to be more comfortable to share things with me and I get to show them things that they wouldn’t see on my social media especially when it comes to my day to day. 


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