MCs and rappers from Durban have always been an integral part of the music scene in South Africa. Every season, you hear how Durban is one of the top three cities that contribute to the development of art and artists in the country. Recently, Illythehost had the opportunity to interview OB MAGIK, a talented artist from the East Coast. The interview covered his journey, plans for 2024, and all the amazing things he has in store for this year. You can read the interview below and get to know this talented brother.


Welcome to Hype Magazine! For readers who are new to OB MAGIK, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

First of all, I want to thank the Hype Magazine for having me on the platform, I’m truly honoured. I hail from Durban, and my given name is Mnqobi Amos Ngcobo. I’m Christian, am a performing artist, songwriter, and producer. I can speak a bit of Swahili, I’m big fan of kashino and I always play in tournament.

How did you discover your passion for music, and who inspired you as a child?

It all began at my Neighbour’s house, where I often visited as a child. They frequently played hip-hop and some RnB tunes. It was there that I discovered my passion for hip-hop music, inspired by the work of Dr. Dre and Tupac. I admired Tupac’s storytelling and the messages in his music. I would diligently write down lyrics from his songs to memorize them word for word. My own journey as a songwriter started in grade 7, but it was when I recorded my first song that I realized perhaps I should continue pursuing music and see where it takes me.


You’re not only a rapper but also a music producer, sound engineer, and songwriter. Which one got you into the music industry first?

Rapping got me into the music industry first.

What has been your proudest moment as a musician?

It has to be my music catalogue that got featured on Blood & Water Season 4, to me this means a lot, I never thought my music with end up on a series like that and this has opened my music to a bigger audience

As a rapper and musician, what are some of the difficulties you face in the industry?

Being recognized for what we’re doing is one of the biggest challenges we face. In a time where social media serves as a powerful tool for building and engaging with our audience, it’s still hard to crack it and Getting gigs, especially ones that pays. But I’ll keep going. If I stay consistent, I believe I’ll make progress eventually.


We hear a lot about gatekeeping and brown envelopes. Have you experienced these things, and if so, how did you handle them?

I believe gatekeeping is something that will always be there, not only in the music industry but in all business sectors. I’ve experienced it when I was trying to get my music on radio and TV. Sometimes it’s difficult getting in those platforms specially if you’re still emerging artists and but one of the things that has helped me in navigating the industry is to always attend conference such as  The Music Imbizo, this is where I was able to get my music heard and make connections that’s has help me thus far. The Journey is long but I will eventually be heard when it’s my time.

Amapiano has been dominating for the past few years, overshadowing hip-hop. As an artist, do you think South African hip-hop will ever rise to the top again?

I believe South African hip-hop will rise again, with the right support and collaborations, there’s definitely potential for a comeback. It’s exciting to see new talents emerging like Usimamane, Tony Daymane, and the Qwellers to name a few. I can tell that hip-hop will continue growing; my contribution could add that final spark to propel South African hip-hop to new heights. I believe we yet to hip hop take the number one spot again

With the growth of the internet, do you see a need to relocate to Johannesburg from your hometown as a rapper?

Absolutely, relocating to Johannesburg makes sense if you’re looking to tap into a broader network of music industry platforms and companies. Being closer to these opportunities can open up doors and provide more exposure for your talent and hustle. It’s a strategic move to position you where the industry’s pulse beats the strongest.

Can you tell us more about MAGIK Xperience and how it came about? How did you get your music to play on such a big platform as Blood and Water season 4?

Magik Xperience is an annual hip-hop event organized by Thendric ENT. It is centered mainly on my brand OB Magik and aims to establish a platform for emerging and established artists while fostering an environment where artists and the audience can network and enjoy captivating music.

I got my music to play on Blood and Water season 4 thanks to my publisher 80nine90one, from last year season 3 we tried to submit but we didn’t make it. Luckily this year they took 3 songs from my catalogue.


With so much music out, what are you currently working on?

I’m currently promoting my debut album titled “Superstar Mode” dropping on the 7th of June. The album has a mixture of hip hop with lively Afrobeats and Amapiano rhythms; I open up about defeating my fears, overcoming my insecurities and adopting the journey of becoming a Superstar.

Who can we expect as a feature on the project you’re working on, and which rappers would you like to work with in the future?

The project has eight features, it has Touchline, Landrose, Maraza, Celestial Mic, PDogg Amazing, Meet Luminous from Zimbabwe, OneTake267 from Botswana, Phido from Cameroon. I also got to work with some of my favourite local three producers such as Exoduxe, Allhail Beats & Da Labrador.


Lastly, who are your top 5 rappers and top 5 South African musicians of all time?

My top 5 rappers are Kendrick, Eminem, AKA, Nasty C & Touchline.

My top 5 SA musicians of all time have to be AKA, Nasty C, Sjava , Casper Nyovest and Kabza Da Small

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