Celebrating One Year of HEINEKEN Beverages: – A Journey of Innovation and Commitment

HEINEKEN Beverages, the company behind some of the most loved and recognised beer, wine, spirit and cider brands,  is proud to have been recently recognised by President Ramaphosa for our progressive Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP), known as Bokamoso. This recognition marks a significant milestone in HEINEKEN Beverages’ inaugural year. This recognition underscores the company’s dedication to fostering a culture of ownership and collaboration among our South African employees.


The story of HEINEKEN Beverages starts in 2023 following the merger of HEINEKEN South Africa, Distell, and Namibia Breweries Limited, creating a regional beverage champion across multiple beverage categories.


It is a story, of nearly 5 000 strong men and women, who are united and driven by a shared passion for craftsmanship and innovation.  We recognise that our people are our biggest asset, and we have recently been ranked 6th Top Employer 2024, and placed among South Africa’s top companies by the Top Employer Institute. This, reaffirms our dedication to nurturing talent and excellence.


This is also a story of a company that is committed to the growth aspirations of South Africa. To show this commitment, HEINEKEN Beverages will invest more than R6 billion as part of our public interest commitments.

We care deeply about Sustainability, and we are guided by HEINEKEN’s global sustainability ambitions – to Brew a Better World (BaBW). These ambitions revolve around three pillars that direct us towards achieving zero impact on the environment, fostering inclusivity and equity, and promoting moderation while discouraging harmful use. Most recently,  we invested R2.3bn in a returnable bottling programme which is closely aligned with our company’s global ambition of net zero carbon by 2040.

BaBW translates into tangible sustainability actions like reducing our carbon footprint with initiatives such as the a 6.5 MW Solar Plant, fostering water stewardship, and driving community-driven recycling and upcycling for economic and environmental benefits. These efforts underline our dedication to positive environmental and social impact locally. Our social community outreach programmes advocate for inclusive communities, aiming to cultivate a culture of responsible consumption and empower thriving communities.


Beyond business success, our commitment to Brewing a Better World encompasses promoting responsible consumption and addressing alcohol-related issues through targeted campaigns and educational initiatives led by the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Awareness (AWARE). Collaborating with local stakeholders, we prevent underage drinking and promote moderation.


As we look back on our journey, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all our employees and many other stakeholders and loyal consumers who continue to support. our story, and as always, this is will be driven by a shared vision for growth, innovation, and making a positive impact in the community and environment.


Here’s to many more years of raising the bar and crafting the joy of true togetherness.

We are one, HEINEKEN Beverages.

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